There is always room for innovative technology solutions – but increasing competition makes it difficult for startups to find the capital necessary to survive and grow.

As investor relations specialists, we are able to connect your new company with shareholders eager to evaluate promising technical firms, and will play a role in actively helping manage your new company in its primary stages of growth.

At Canada One we are intimately familiar with the startup process, and can help you with the strategy needed to increase your potential for growth. We are experts in publicly traded securities, essential documentation, and provision of strategy for press announcements that will earn your new company the credibility to stimulate interest.

As a founder of a tech startup, you have a mission to change the world for the better, which translates into strong motivation. You started your company to promote products and services that help people collaborate better and accomplish more. Whether your market is software, communications, or product innovation, we are able to help you find the financial contacts that share your mission.

We leverage the key areas of your service or product with targeted marketing tactics to help generate investment prospects. For IT startups, in particular, an understanding of the niche market and its trends are key to higher visibility and profits.

Raising capital from investors is a time consuming and often very difficult process. To build a strong foundation, it’s crucial that you have a top-notch investor pitch to work with. With Canada One on your side, you’ll have an attention-grabbing proposition that will aid in the generation of capital for increased business development.

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