Investor relations (IR) is one of the most important elements in the strategic management of public companies. Its functions include the integration of finance, marketing, communications, and legal compliance of securities.

This includes the financial community as well as investors. Through proper IR practises, a corporation maintains a fair and accurate valuation of its securities. One of the responsibilities of the IR team is responding to inquiries from shareholders, auditors, and other interested parties.


One of the obligations of any public company is to keep its shareholders informed. Whether you rely on face-to-face meetings or video conferences, we can manage this responsibility for you. Keep your current investors up to date on developments and financial statements, while prospective investors are engaged through timely interactions.

This is achieved through strategic practices and can include email marketing, telephone outreach, social media promotion, and one-on-one meetings. We do what it takes to keep all of your shareholders involved and satisfied with their investment in your company.

In-house, the IR team generally answers to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as well as board members, and a range of shareholders, both institutional and private. When you partner with Canada One, you immediately have a team with years of expertise in communication with such stakeholders.

We do what it takes to keep you shareholders updated, involved and satisfied with their investment in your company.

Through key information dissemination and promotion, we help encourage investors that your stock continues to be the right choice for their portfolio.


Increase your company’s public exposure and enhance your brand. Canada One can help to develop your image within the financial community and discover the best leads for generating more supporting capital for your operations. This extends from basic marketing concepts to arranged meetings with influential brokers and accredited investors, within a given industry.

Canada One will work closely with your public relations (PR) teams on strategies to share crucial information with potential investors, shareholders, trade authorities, and the financial community at large. Key information will be disseminated to encourage investors that your company is the right choice for their needs.


It’s important that your company is sending the right message, to the right people, in a timely manner. 
Delays and missed opportunities will detract from your perceived value and only stand to benefit your competitors. We have the tools to effectively manage the flow of your information.

We only use the most advanced email tracking tools, as they allow us to quickly determine the level of interest in your company and offerings. From there we’re then able to identify the best leads and follow up with appropriate action on an individual basis.

Trading is monitored by government organizations according to the Canada Business Corporation Act and requires electronic reporting and regular financial statements additional to regular material changes.

News dissemination and promotion is critical in keeping investors and interested parties up to speed with your growing business.


Increasing requirements from government regulators can include additional filings, disclosures, and electronic protection for the preservation of financial records.

Corporations need to have a team devoted to providing the many benefits of an expert IR partner. Before your initial public offering takes place, Canada One's expertise can help to establish seamless corporate governance, data and reporting tools and policies for conducting financial audits, and channels of communication for stakeholders and IPO investors.

It's typical for companies to start developing investor relations before going public as potential investors will want quality, detailed information on your organization in quantity. They want to know your profit potential, as well as what kind of an organization they're buying into.

Our team devotes a range of skills to seeing that investors recognize your brand and consistently determine that your stock is a promising investment vehicle. This can be difficult without managed interactions with investment analysts and media outlets who influence the overall financial community - this is where Canada One excels.

If you're considering going public with your company, we can put the tools and strategy in place to see that your appeal to investors remains high.

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